The RelX Classic vaporizer is a highly sought after pre-filled starter vaporizer for people new to electronic cigarettes or who just want an easy go-to solution to enjoying herbal vapor products. The Classic is very easy to use. It features a compact, lightweight unit that utilizes magnetic snap-on pods for easy portability.

The RelX Nano is another highly sought after pre-filled starter vaporizer. Like the relx classic it is extremely compact and lightweight. This product is also great for beginners because it is very easy to use. It is similar in size to the relx classic but it does not include a screen. It uses a stainless steel spring clip to hold onto the unit.

The main difference between the relx nano pod and the relx classic is that it is a smaller version of the relx classic and a much more affordable price. This makes it perfect for the budget minded consumer. In addition to being a smaller version of the relx classic, the relx nano-pod has twice the amount of nicotine for you to enjoy as a result of the larger assortment of nicotine e-liquid cartridges included in the product. The cartridges can be refilled easily at any of your local electronic cigarette stores.

The original relx alpha starter kit comes complete with three e-liquid cartridges. The kit also includes a USB electric vaporizer that you can use with the vaporizer or you can use the rechargeable battery in the kit as well. The kit also includes a lanyard which you can use to attach the battery to your bag or shirt.

One major difference between the relx classic and the relx alpha starter kit comes from the batteries that are used. The juices produced by the electric vaporizer in the relx classic can be charged by the cigarette lighter. The e-liquid cartridges in the relx alpha are rechargeable via the USB cord that is included. You can even turn your cigarette lighter on and off with the electronic device when you are ready to enjoy your juice. The battery in the relx classic must be recharged each time you put it on.

There are several different kinds of e-liquid flavors that you can experiment with in the relx nano pod. Many of these flavors are based on other common flavors that people like to drink. The only limitation to what you can create in your own home is the imagination. For example, one of the available flavors is lemon tea. This is a very refreshing flavor that many people will enjoy and they will not get tired of it quickly.

Most vaporizers that you buy in the market today have a mouthpiece that comes attached with it. These mouthpieces are known as the bridges or trays. These pieces seal the juice so that only your lips and tongue will take in the vapor. To be able to use the pre-filled relx nicotine salt cartridge that comes with this vaper, you need to make sure that your lips and tongue are smooth and clean. If your lips are rough and dirty, the nicotine may leak out into your mouth and you won’t be able to breathe properly. To avoid this, you can always use the mouthpiece when you are ready to enjoy your meal.

When it comes to the pros and cons of the relx alpha and the relx nano-pod system, both can give a great and fast way to help you get through your day. You can find more information about both by clicking on the links below. Relx is definitely the best vaporizer and the company definitely knows it!