If you’re into collecting electronic vaporware and other fun electronic devices at a reasonable price, then you’ll want to check out the new “Dirty Rave Pod” by Vapers Anonymous. It’s an electronic device that is supposed to improve your sex life and even add some spice to your lovemaking. The hype is real, but is this product worth the money? Let’s find out.

dead rabbit v2

Like the original dead rabbit v2, the upgrade dead rabbit v2 is created with a high-performance quartz-calibrated glass jar to produce the vapor similar to a cigarette. It has the same open-air design as the original with adjustable air flow control. The upgraded version has an open-frame bottom base to prevent spillage of the concentrated wax that builds up inside. This improved v2 also has a second hand smoke column which is included in the kit. The upgraded version comes with a matching new microwave oven.

As compared to the original dead rabbit v2, the upgraded version has an expanded variety of airflow slots and air channels. Some models come with two extra air slots while others come with four. There are also models that have interchangeable airflow slots and airflow channels. Each opening allows you to add a fresh nicotine dose without having to change the entire airflow system. You can use these two slots to add either single or double servings of your favorite herbal blend. The open-air design of the v2 allows for constant flavor testing without any interference from airflow.

Unlike many other devices available, the hellvape dead rabbit v2 area has an advanced single coil configuration. Single coil systems are more consistent and produce more flavorful vapor. The updated version also utilizes the most advanced method of cooling. The device utilizes a quad post build deck to maximize performance. This is comprised of four high quality copper air chambers that are all adjustable and upgradeable.

In order to reduce leakage and increase cooling efficiency, the manufacturer has also added a double coil airflow delivery system. The dual coil configuration is extremely efficient and is similar to the original design. It has a leak-proof bottom and side air guides that are open when the unit is in single mode. These guides allow the user to fully clean the unit without leaking. The upgraded model also utilizes a double peek insulator block that reduces internal steam build up.

Like most other units on the market, the v2 is equipped with an easy to remove bottom and side cap. The cap is accessible via one long side vent located on the front of the unit. This allows the base to be fully removed for cleaning or upgrading. The double look of the dual coil configuration makes it easy to understand why this product has received so much popularity.

The base of the V2 is made out of high quality silicone rubber that is flexible enough to fit all of the components. A clear plastic cover that is about 7 inches in diameter surrounds the electronic circuit board. This new dead rabbit device also sports a rubber sealing ring at the bottom of the entire device. The overall appearance of the unit is quite similar to the original dead rabbit vaporizer. It is available in single and dual coil configurations.

The base of the V2 is designed in a straightforward manner. It is rectangular and features two double ended vents that allow the vapors to be blown out and then enters the sides of the bowl. There are three stainless steel heat rails that allow the user to heat the coils to the proper temperature range without heating up the entire bowl. This makes it easy to mix the perfect amount of juice while avoiding overheating the base of the unit.