The Bulk RTA has been developed by Vapn Fagan as a revolutionary upgrade for the rebuildable top-filled juice bottle. The product has been heralded by several famous YouTube Vapor Stars such as Anthony Berry, critical to the product’s success. If you are looking to save some money on your next rebuildable or container coffee, you should consider the Vapn Fagan bulk rta. While it may not be the perfect product for every single person who is looking for a new rebuildable juice bottle, it has certainly been reviewed to high standards and has proven to be a solid all around juice maker. In my own experience, I found that I enjoyed this particular coffee system the most and have decided to give it away as a gift for a friend.


The bulk RTA is an upgrade of the original buildable tank atomizer by Vapn Fagan. The end result is a beautiful rebuildable tank atomizer with a large postless build deck, awesome triple airflow capability, and an expansive six.5 mL juice capacity due to a built in bubble reservoir. The build quality and overall look of the product is great and it definitely has a unique look and feel that sets it apart from other rebuildable tanks. The way the entire unit looks is a huge step up from the original and it definitely is worth taking a look at if you are looking for something different.

The first thing that you will notice about this RTA is that it does not have a drip tray. The reason that it does not have a drip tray is due to the fact that there is no bottom drip area on the RTA. The unique look and feel of the Vapn Fagan bulk RTA consists of two separate tanks that run parallel to one another. One tank has the standard six.5 inch tall cap and the second tank section is designed to be removed and securely attached to the bottom of the RTA via the included magnetic clasp. The entire assembly of the unit is designed to drip free so the airflow is completely customizable.

The second feature of the Vapn RTA tank is that there are dual coils on the inside of the container. The dual coils allow for maximum flavor and vapor production. Due to the fact that there are no seams on the RTA, you can expect to see a huge difference in how much e juice is produced. The unique look and feel of the bulk RTA tank along with the dual coils means that there is no air pocket or dilation within the tank which allows for the fastest possible atomization time.

The final and possibly most important part of the Vapn RTA is that the coils on the inside of the product are covered in a material that is referred to as “logger”. This means that the coils are double wrapped around each other in order to prevent any drips. Because of the logger material, there is no more air entanglement inside the bulk RTA. The result of this is a super fast vaping experience and extremely smooth draw each and every time. Best of all, because there is no air entanglement, you get to enjoy the flavour of your choice without worrying about whether or not the flavour will infiltrate your insides and ruin your new homemade juice.

The final, and probably most important feature of the Vapn RTA is that it has a built in adjustable airflow control. So if you are in the mood to get an extremely quick hit of e juice, then all you have to do is increase the airflow on the Vapn RTA. This will generate a super fast vapor production, but it also creates massive flavour burst. This is perfect if you are trying to create an intense fruit juice or e-juice. You should be able to increase the airflow on the bulk RTA by adding about one third of a cup of juice. This alone should allow you to triple the amount of flavour that you can create with this kit.

One of the best things about the Vapn RTA is that it comes with a beautiful carrying case. Like all of the Glassblowing devices manufactured by Glassblow, the bulk RTA case is made out of high quality glass that has been specially designed to fit the RTA. Glassblowing is truly a unique art form, especially when it comes to creating handmade glass items such as this. If you are serious about becoming a glass blower, then you should seriously consider investing in a glass blowing set. The price of these kits is very reasonable, so if you are a true glass blower, then you should seriously consider purchasing one of these kits in the near future.

The Coil Box is included in the box along with a wide bore RTA bowl, cotton wick, stainless steel mesh, and two glass chips. The only tools needed to complete the RTA are a single-ended cotton wick and some single-ended glass cutter blades. The two glass chips, along with the mesh, are meant to be placed into the bowl of the RTA. All of these tools are needed to create the perfect aromas that you will be enjoying with your vast variety of aromatherapy oils. If you are looking for an economical way to create incredible aromas at home, the RTA is truly a great way to do it. Try out the Coil Box and you will experience a new way to enjoy your favorite aromatherapy liquids!