The clown Vapefly Pod system is one of the first to offer two ways to enjoy your vape. A repackaged platform and replaced the stick coil.
Chinese manufacturers Vapefly vape burst onto the scene in 2017. They have an impressive catalog includes Pixie GDR MTL RDTA Galaxies, Galaxies MTL RTA, RTA Brunhilde and not forgetting our last exam for MTL Galaxies starter kit.

What can we expect from the Jester Vapefly Pod system?
Over the past two years, I have many pod system, unfortunately, many of them do not hit me “OMG it is amazing vape” for various reasons, mainly because they were in a draw or a coil tight to burn too fast for my taste.

Not to mention the fact that many of them are a money magnet for non-replaceable coils.

The only pods that I can truly say that I personally love is the Aspire Breeze 2 and North Smok.

Until I read the clown we Michelle Overview channeled Vapefly where my interest!
The Jester and Smoant Pasito, the second with the refill cartridge mesh coil 0.5Ω replaced and the modules that have a platform for re-buildable. You can either build your own coils or coils ENJOY several excellent pre built there.

Vapefly even includes a pair of coils 1.0Ω to boot!

Each cartridge has a simple and practical ability of the host liquid filling, the battery is 1000mAh decent with 3 power levels and you can even choose between 7 different odd and simple models.
RBA is the next obvious evolution for the pod kit? You decide!

This kit kindly sent to revisit this Vapefly as usual in my mind and my opinion is entirely his own experiences after me.

In the box

  • 1 x Jester Vapefly Battery
  • cartridge 1 x Jester Vapefly
  • 1 x 0.5Ω installed coil Mesh
  • 1 x Vapefly cartridge Jester drops
  • 2 x 28g 1.0Ω Coils
  • 2 x cotton Firebolt
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Workpiece bag
  • 1 x Manual


  • Size: 91x33x18.2mm
  • Battery: 1000mAh
  • Pod Capacity: 2 ml
  • three output mode: 3.3 / 3.8 / 4.8V
  • Recommended resistance: 0.8-1.5Ω
  • Available colors: black, gorilla skull, clown, joker, Zomble money

Design and build quality
The Jester Vapefly well packed in a cardboard box with a paper on the arms, the measurements of the vertical apparatus 91mm, 33mm and 18.2mm deep horizontal.

Jester cartridges (pods)
Both pods are made of plastic and silicon. In the case of platform 2 is a platform RBA stainless steel.

 Sheath 1
He was not replaced 0.5Ω mesh coil stock on the basis of adjustable air flow to remove the coil and the base just pull the bottom of the car, a simple coil screws at the base of the flow of air.
gondola has a small button on the side.
When the cover open to reveal the silicone-cork of the filling opening is slightly tight fit.
Overall, I would say it is the sheath more or less standard.

 Sheath 2
I think this is a major selling point of this kit!
To remove the cover and simply pull the cap rock to reveal the construction platform RBA stainless steel platform is designed for a single micro coil.
The air flow is provided by a single central air flow tube. Two small slits in each side of the air circulating in the tank to maintain the cotton wick.

If you look closely, you will see a small hole in the top of a hollow tree. This is an air flow which feeds the central tube and also acts as anti-blocking suction.
charging port connected again with silicone plugs, it seems better serve the version of roll media.

The container cover consists of a stainless steel lid that is embedded in the plastic material, located in the upper part of the coil. This has the condensation liquid doming parasitic capture effect and then filtered coil / cotton.

Sheath Of The Battery Jester
As you can see Vapefly send me a drawing clown skull, which completely cooled to the investigation.
Packaging Design outside the skull has a soft handle.
gold plated connection points sleeve.
The apparatus operates with an internal battery 1000mAh impressive while the body is plastic, it seems difficult to achieve.

USB port and operation buttons
Vapefly nacelle having an actuating button Jester both the cooking device and modifying the control voltage is 3.
micro USB charging port is on the bottom of the device that pain because you have to keep a low profile for a buffoon load.

Battery Side | Body
The Jester has what they call Vapefly child lock, activated by a button on each side of the unit. By pressing the two together the pod will be released from the battery.
The complete kit in my opinion, was made at the highest level, good design and quality are good, I have to admit CLOWN nice feel in the hand.

How Do the clown Vapefly Pod system?
While the sheath 1 outstanding performance below the mouth of the standard ohm lung cartridge – for this review, I’ll use a cartridge RBA (POD 2) as it is for me the point of sale kit.

I will use one of the two coils and pre cotton firebolt provided with the kit, I also use the juice and coffee house cappuccino coconut with 6 ml salt Nic.

Basic Quick Start Guide
Select a good jacket for you, if one pod is used, prepare coils, fill the basket and allowed to stand for a few minutes for cotton to absorb more liquid – enjoy.


Pod 2 cartridge RBA
Before building your Make RBA platform that the mod is disabled!

poles screw and chairs coil

1.Unscrew tightening the screws after pinched wire, cut the end of the tail to the platform as you can get. So I do a little spacing pre-combustion coil is not necessary.
2. Rotate the reel spool, straightened and neat, you know the drill lol.
3. Place your cotton through the coil and insert it in the keyway “not too far”.
4.Soak cotton and fill the tank with 2 ml of liquid-e.
No cotton waiting to absorb the liquid fire vape and enjoy.

Battery Operation
To enable execution button clown / stop shooting hit 5 times

To change the voltage setting press the fire button three times, you have 3 output modes

  • 3.3V Purple
  • 3.8V Blue
  • green 4.8V

Vapefly recommends that if you use a mesh coil 0.5Ω in Pod 1 uses 3.3V or 3.8V single parameter.

Mini Tool Kit
I use a tool kit Mini today sent me Vapefly with a clown!
To be fair, it contains everything you need to build a spool all housed in a laptop robust plastic housing in a velvet bag toss!
Kit stayed in my briefcase last week wraps emergencies related to the coil!

The taste and quality of steam
Artificial Pre 1.0Ω Coil
Located in the 4.8V hot VAPE, I had a good flavor, almost GDR production flavor generated by the steam is acceptable, the air flow is air provocation lungs extract the mouth.

I would like to see a check with the flow of air is slightly larger than a draw almost too tight for me to enjoy the vape.

Pod 2 Notes
I had a good time with the RBA Pod. It is true single coil and although I recommend the axis that the user has some knowledge of Ohm’s law if coils of building their own, because you can not check the resulting resistance of the coil, unless you have a power meter, I “am not, just for the experience to ride!

recommend Vapefly resistance from 0.8 to 2 1.05Ω Pod.
I found three ways to use the platform for wicking Jester!

Reel and axes as RDTA has – cotton through the slot.
roving coil and just fold a small amount to fill this slot with axis tilt cotton clown you.
And coil axes as RDA bring into cracks cotton and cotton drops, leaving the tank is empty 2ml, the warning using this method can cause additional curing time in bulk.
While the bridge is on the small side, I have no problem to see packaging.

I recommend a small microphone 28G gauge wire to tell Wrap largest wire and slots will be too small to plug in your wire.

Battery life
The 1000mAh battery is fully charged, it took about 4 hours. for those who are not so serious vaper my weight should have a longer life of a full charge.

Pod 1 rating
As a quick mention about Pod 1, works very well with an adjustable air flow, while the coil is 0.5Ω and pull is on the soft side, it is undoubtedly pulmonary vape mouth. I managed to get a direct link to the lungs very limited circulation.

I like the coil can exchange ideas, “money saver” in the long term.
I use purple, setting 3.3V, with a half cup of airflow.

The taste and the production of acceptable steam that you expect from a standard pod!
I do not even understand the life of the coil as I mainly used Pod 2 (RBA). I had some minor problems with the small Pod 1.

1.You can not fill the cartridge trying to deceive, because of the way the cap is not fully open lock.
2. The cover is uneven and open a little behind if the device is handled properly.


  • platform RBA
  • the standard cartridge with replaceable coil stock
  • Sense of justice
  • Good for the mouth of the pulmonary vaping
  • producing sufficient vapor
  • Comfortable to hold
  • 3 settings
  • Good build quality

The Inconvenients

  • RBA not adjustable air
  • protective cap Pod
  • USB charging port on the bottom

Decision of the final exam
Finally, a decent enough pod system with a platform that is rebuildable.

Even though I had some minor issues I enjoyed my time with this kit and play with a pod of RBA. I could see myself using a clown under my regular line up!

Do I recommend the pod RBA Vapely Jester system?
Yes I would, again with a standard platform and most experienced taste hunter vapers that knowledge to build their own coils.

Should I buy a kit Vapelfy Jest Mod Pod any other loss or damage?

If Vapefly should add better control air flow with the RBA I guess.

Are you using this system of reconnaissance pod? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!