So Caliburn Koko is a reduced version of the Caliburn system modifications sheath. This device is rectangular and has a small frame, light. the structural characteristics of aluminum and plastic housing without the Change button.

Koko uses bean juice 2 ml, which is connected and a tie. The internal battery with a capacity of 520mAh and use the charging port USB media. There is a small LED indicator light next hole to indicate battery life. Gaines 1.2ohm used, the coil is made of round wire, providing a coward lungs.ngs interesting mouth.

Caliburn Koko Kit Review: Un gros plan

Koko Caliburn Mod Pod is a smaller version of the original Caliburn also has a longer shape and up to 110 mm (4.3 “). Koko is 67 mm (2.6″) and 12 mm (0.4 ” ) wide, so it is fun and concealable pocket, the outer frame is made of aluminum alloy lightweight, plastic elements, so the device is durable, without being too heavy.

There is little brand, with the exception of “Koko” printed on both sides, but the police are well designed and provide all the unit an elegant and minimalist. module bay in the apparatus and a funnel stand when in place, which is the only part of the adhesion of Koko.

At the top, there is a little opening that allows the user to see the level of juice in the unit casing. There are two holes in the side of the unit. One is for airflow. The other, lower, is a small pinhole opening on the side of the device which hides the LEDs.

Battery LED indicator and flash three colors to display three different power levels. Three colors are:

  • Red – Low
  • Green – High
  • Blue – Medium

At the bottom of the device, the user will find a USB port. The kit includes a USB cable for fast charging. In addition to three ports of exhaust air. Return upwards, the apparatus is equipped with an opening for the user to secure the cable provided in the kit.

Kit Contents

The starter kit is good Koko Caliburn, elegant carton extraction. Devices of the above, with other parts of the background kit. Koko was in pod mounted screen.

Here is everything that comes in the kit Caliburn Koko:

  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • One 1.2ohm Caliburn Pod
  • One 1.4ohm Caliburn Pod
  • 1 UWELL Caliburn KOKO mod、

The Appearance

The Caliburn Koko has a very simple design. Mod Pod completely without buttons, unlike many original Caliburn which gives users the ability to switch between manual and automatic drawing. With Koko, users have only to fill the car up and start drinking. The pods have a tip which is integrated, so that the end of dropwise in the rest of the nacelle.

How Long Can The Battery Last

Koko has an internal battery 520mAh, which is the same capacity as the first Caliburn cells. Koko box 11W maximum power while the voltage range of 3.2 to 4.0 V.

Battery life depends on the frequency of dizziness and former users, but the cell is fully charged can last ten hours of average, or about five hours with constant, intensive use.

Bein in chip units (yes there are chips Koko) provides cutting times, short circuit protection and ten seconds.

The Caliburn Koko Pods

The pods may contain Koko 2 ml salt and nicotine juice in a plastic frame. Pods are filled first, so that the user must remove the black plastic funnel to access two filling holes (one on each side of the coil). Koko kit comes with two teeth, a 1.2ohms notes (red base), which evaluated more 1.4ohms (black base). is pre-installed 1.2ohm sheath.

Pods of gold on the base contacts as well as two magnets to secure the connection with the battery section. The decline in the end, which is how users fill with juice and legumes. He filled the marker line barely visible beyond the veil to help users, although it is difficult to see.

the filling line, however, makes little difference. Users can completely fill the sheath without affecting the performance or quality of steam. Coils inside the pods are not replaceable and can not be exchanged.

How To Enable The Caliburn Koko

The Caliburn Koko has a simple design, without pressure sores. Unlike other models Caliburn, which has a power button to switch between manual and automatic modes, Koko chose active air battery does not have an on / off switch. Attractive sheath enabled, so users should take the steam of a successful brand.

Once charging is complete, the user must remove the plastic dropwise end to reveal two holes to fill, which is about 3.5 mm (0.13 “), respectively.

Users can fill the hole and juice with the tip of a standard bottle, because they are very important. With a full sleeve, users should replace the drip edge and insert the pod bay. Following these simple steps, Koko ready to go! Vaping should start today.

Vaping Que Caliburn Koko

Caliburn style Koko device dedicated artificial mouth and lungs score each coil to transport the basket. Part of the use of air flow Caliburn and then air enters through the side and down to attract the very loose. constant power output of the battery to ensure the quality of steam with every breath.

Coil type coffee capsules also supports various types of juice and (free base nicotine, nicotine salts), so that the user can use a large number of e-juice they want with different levels of nicotine. Steam quality is somewhat reduced as the battery runs low, the size of the cloud more and less when the battery is half the force.

taste quality has improved, although even at lower energy levels. There is no information of material chains or cables, but despite steam coils for production of high quality work.

Last Dernier Mot Sur Caliburn Cacao Kit

The Caliburn Koko is a pod system with a lot of kick. Although the maximum output power of 11W only produces steam coils in very good pods. With a lot of air flow slots on the sides and bottom of the unit, which was published interesting vapers experience of the nose to the lungs in the queue of a device like this.

Koko is very portable. Its chassis made of aluminum alloy and small size allow disappeared into a pocket or bag to practice, in the teeth of vaping. Koko has only the 520mAh battery, so heavy users may need to reload the afternoon. moderate use can take a full day vaping however possible, but fast charging can recover files lost vaping time.

Koko may have a height above the battery capacity, without sacrificing the weight (weight of 33 g or about one ounce). But in the state, Koko is a very good system for the mouth of the lung vapers who want fast, sometimes the quality of steam.


  • Fees fast
  • Very easy to use
  • Production taste great
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Both are made of high quality materials (aluminum, plastic)


  • The low battery capacity