Here’s a mod. Discover this beautiful red. They did a good job on it. It’s really beautiful. Now we will spend part of this plant from the first reel because I think many people would be interested first. Here, the tank, transparent container. nice drip. The decline in Advanced Gout is a type of industrial property. Let me show you what I mean. It has a 510 sensation but you see how he got the largest O-ring on top? Another 510S do not fit. It’s got a sort of accelerated design. I do not know why they did this. I do not know why they did not come with a constant infusion of 510. It is also the RBA also. A bit boring really.

Now, here you have the thumb on top of your filler cap. Good threaded finishes. A beautiful port fills out there. You will be able to move the air smoothly. Threaded smooth, very, very nice. Here now see this part here? It’s kind of fitting there. This is your base that you will turn heads. You live roll in this area. Here the airflow here. This setting adjusts the airflow you. It is now a little stiff, but once you get a little juice on it, you should be fine. However, there is your base there. This is when you mess up your rolls.
Here 0.6ohm mesh, whether for 15-23W. You can look out there, you can see the mesh. This is a coil which is extracted the juice in the second.
Now here’s something interesting. The yellow roller with yellow O-ring is your mesh 1ohm, good for 9-14W. It is also clear. It is a lung cell password. I kinda diggin. It’s really cool.
Juice we use today because it is autumn, we will use the Fall Spirit Freeman. Look at that. It is the caramel apple juice, green apple caramel. When you open the top of the juice, it was fantastic. Put a few drops in the middle of the side there. Nothing crazy, do not go nuts. If the coil is small, you do not really need to start their fate. You can just leave them sitting in the tank for a good 5-10 minutes. Once you’ve done a few drops in the middle, taking the coil wire and screws slightly backhand right at the base, however. Now once you are done with this, you want to take your base and you just want to fit there. That is, it is screwed, not like that. Simply press fit there. Once completed, you open your hood here, take your juice bottle, nozzle out and give a good pressure. Fill it with caramel goodness. Ask your hat, make sure it is nice and tight. And you go there. Now we’re all ready to vape. We’ll put it on the deck for a second.

Letting go of the model, we will go to the bottom of the RBA. Nice touches before the mod, they give extra base. You must use the air flow control ring, you aspire, but they include a supplement. And you bushing and oil replacement.

So let’s mod. I installed the RBA bridge I’ll show you in a minute. You can tell the difference between this because RBA pod dark. Anyone who uses the light coil factory, fun. A small symbol, I’m a little diggin it. Taurus, right? Or highlight a particular brand pods X there. Fire beautiful buttons plus and minus buttons. They are a bit high, they are nice and clicky.


Five click to change the display. Beautiful bright display information, facilities. power mode, the power, battery, electricity. Here, a small hole here where the air flow is obtained. I do not know if you can see. A basic RBA see? This is in line with an air gap there, and you have one of each side. Did you hear that click, right? A great magnet. This good work. In short, a very good job. Transmit the same kind of drops in the puzzle, I just showed you pod. There are no adjustable air flow here as you would in Orion. , Here instead of your adjustable airflow RBA. It is the adjustable air flow. You can see, you can call enough, tight enough. I want to keep it open. The good thing is very open, which is open on both sides, two sides that open. This does not occur if a tight arrangement or two tight sets. You just open a hole so just remember that. But I like it here open.

Not the bottom of the base, two gold contacts that actually make contact with the Ministry of Defense. In the Ministry of Defense, you can see that the two gold-plated contacts and two magnets at each corner. Very, very powerful magnet, I love it. Now here’s something that’s interesting. In plants use module, which had a sort of movement. There’s nothing too tight. It does not really move when vaping but too loose, so I’m concerned. I do not like nothing. Another thing is that you must make sure to adjust the air flow to the air holes. Check it? You want to make sure you change a sufficient basis in the future. You do not want to sit in front of the air hole. Otherwise, it will be blocked. But this movement is not acceptable, in my case. Conversely, when the RBA platform arrives, he did not move at all, in fact it is not. It is much stricter. I do not know why they could not do more to match the same way. I think the base metal has a profound effect on what is more difficult than that. The only difference between the two is not having a metallic base at the bottom.


Okay, insiders! We will spend part of the part of the RBA now. This is the receptacle RBA, we go into a minute. Let me show you what is included in the area of ​​the RBA section. Phillips screwdriver is obtained. You get four rollers are spaced stainless steel. They are made of 316 stainless steel, 2 mm. They should be about 0.7 OHM. This is the part you get a mod that allows you to dry your rolls of fire. One thing that is annoying the hell out of me is one of the screws removed. In other words, there is a tree, screws and springs that go into what you have to assemble. I do not know why THC decided to climb the side. That makes no sense. Stupid, THC. If you drop what you really need to ride because it’s a pain in the neck for assembling this part. It was really. RBA also included in the box, you get like a rope, but it was like a bracelet. This is not something that you can hang around your neck. tank protection is obtained pleasant enough, but you can not see the use of this mod, and a micro USB cable for charging is obtained.

Therefore, when it is desired to mount the basic coil and Wick RBA accumulation, the first thing needed is the following. Then you have to take the platform mold. You only there like that. Once you have a part unscrews like a chimney. And you can see, the design conical really there, a little space. So you end up with two positions, the terminal station, Phillips head screws on top.
This is my coil delivery. It is one of 2 mm. I will not get in the way of construction. air flow just below, there is a letter, the development platform of the terminal. You just basically put your rolling pin and tighten the Phillips screw head. It’s very, very easy. If you wish to dry fire, you put this piece, that piece of firing rolls in the model and what you do is see there is a small tab? You want to take the tab, and you want to sync down there. Now you want to make sure to reach that depth. Make sure he sleeps well because if not, will say “No atomizer. And when it does, you see a salvo reel. So now what we do is we become here and if we clean the coil, you just give dry fire quickly. you can see, there was a shot. cooling of a second. and now what we do is take a small piece of cotton. Remember, this is only the coil 2 mm i D. pinch nice and tight end . once everything is stuck, you just eat there, nice and easy. Hours and cotton because remember, this is a small coil single cable. not want to set the coils. want to make sure it is tight, but does not want to get a display of the joint, it should look like when finished. Now, what you do is you want to cut your shaft. sure you want to see the hole KEC here? Evacuate this port, when the cotton it will be fed juice if you really want to go bigger than this coil and sink, as it not only has a volume sufficient to get the juice to the slightly larger power. So you really want to stay in Scenario 2 mm internal diameter. I think if you want you can try to put there, but I think that Clapton that will work well. So now what you do is you want to take your cotton and want to cut everything there. You do not want it super-long axis. You want just enough to get there and block this hole. The same on the other side, straight cut there.

So now that you have all cut, what you do is you want to take your axes and just wanted to kind of slide around and gently fold. A seeing there, how to block this hole with cotton. That’s how you want to now what we want to do is you want to do the same on the other side, go slowly and now you can see, I can block this port to evacuate there and that’s where the juice is eaten,
The juice will try today Blnd’d. It is a wine raspberry acai. Now he wants to do as you would in any ACR or RDA, you want to get some juice there. You want flow these rolls. Just nice to get and juice. Once all juice and evil, you take your fireplace there. It’s a little crunchy. Not the biggest wire, but thin. Dar lightly invested to ensure capture and chaotic. Again, not the biggest wire, but it was not terrible. It flows because of the size of it. You want to take a small tab that you want to align with a notch and wants to ensure that a standardized way is pressed. Take your tank, gives a good filling. Go easy, since it is a small tank. Fill not that way. And he wants to take his small cape and what you want is, so to speak. And that’s what it should look like when all built and evil. Now a part of its repairable is taken. You just pop there and is now ready to spray. You can see that I ohming 0.69, which is quite close to 7.

In The Box(Version RBA)

  • 1 x RBA coil
  • 1 x Lanyard
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Spare parts
  • Tauren -1 x-X-Pod
  • 1 x bridge construction
  • 1 x User Manual and warranty card

Mesh version Coil

  • 1 x Lanyard
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Spare parts
  • Tauren -1 x-X-Pod
  • 1 x 0.6 Ohm Coil Mesh
  • 1 x 1.0 Ohm Coil Mesh
  • 1 x User Manual and warranty card


Good! Letting go of people in expenses and benefits.
The first will be designed, people will show it in the comments. I do not care really, but people will say that it looks like Vandy Mutant vape. Do not work. It seems he took the design to the waiting queue Mutant Vandy vape. I have to show it. It is a con because it will be mentioned in the comments, I know.
This is a GDR very wet. Leaks. I seem to have plenty of air holes condensation, no matter what I choose. There always seems to drag the juice in public areas. It is a bit annoying. I find myself wiping a bit like, slightly damp cloth. Leaks. It’s not to the point where it flooded my mod side. He’s just always there. It was still wet. it was a bit strange. I never really had atomizer else to do before, so I had to show it.
Once the holes, they certainly. They had a room, they should have the greatest. Not like you can not get a good-sized rolls, but I would have liked to have seen the holes after a bit crushed. It is a bit silly.
And it will be positioned against Squonk you must install after putting the pin squonking. It’s a real pain in the ass to install. Like bend your fingers in there and do it just to get a wire stop. It’s annoying as hell, it really was. This is a con for me. I have no delicate little fingers. I have trouble with it, I will not lie.
But it was on the table. No deal-breaker. Let’s step into the benefits because we have an advantage on it.


The first will be a pro, he has the power to regulate. I always like that in these pod AIO system kits. a good job, THC.
I like the fact that they come with a factory installed or configuration of the RBA coil.
This one is easy to use.
It is very well built.
You have a good paint job.
Smooth draw. I enjoyed a draw at this point.
You see him go down, it is easy to build and axes.
I get a lot of flavor to the RBA. I coil of 0.6 ohms here. I got up 25W. Let me show you what I’m working here. Not bad. I feel completely saturated.
I get a nice heat to it. There is a warmth that you are not used to this little pod system AIO. I would have been empty.
It is extremely satisfying vape. This is one of these kits that I could replace my whole tank 18650 ohms. I can swing all day and satisfied. He’s a great pro.
It works well with 3 or low salt nic juice, which is a pro.
I thought he was a good-looking kit.
It has an easy top filling.
And having good skills.
Insiders here! These are the advantages and disadvantages of me. Let the discussion about it is a little.

In Conclusion

I love this pod system. It is also built, worked well RBA part works well. It’s only the pod kit / AIO fantastic. I love this bag. I like that it has a smooth drawer. I love the build quality on it. Thunderhead Creations has done impressive things. build quality, they were there. Very, very impressed with this company. Perhaps one of the best systems pods / AIO on the market today. I know you may have heard me some videos, but I tell you, the things they now publish this little kit with adjustable force and adjustable air flow and RBA part, fantastic. Some of them are just phenomenal. The latter, in particular, DeucesJack approved.