dovpo squonk is a device variable voltage potentiometer style and the latest version of this bestseller Dovpo M VV.

This device comes with a choice of 3 color panels with different texture and has a nice weight to hand in my opinion. Simmer until 0.08, and how, in turn, wrote that the full potential of this powerful machine 280W which 18,650 will not know and does not intend to process and recommended the development of single reading voltage is called (just because you can does not mean you should!).


USB cable × 1 Type C
Quality Control Board 1x
1 battery safety data
1x Card Social Media
1 x Manual

Aesthetics and ergonomics

VV M II is packaging board with a viewing window so you can see the color of the device before opening. I agree with the release of skulls and roses, but probably the version available at the time of writing options Hannya, skulls and roses and Samurai Dragon.
This device comprises an alloy of zinc panels and zinc alloy black frame and a removable battery and to allow a fixed payment. This panel has a color design plastic with a raised texture that feels durable despite the awesome theme not taste all over the world.
The face has a cutting corner where it meets the top of the unit and basically have a big black button at the bottom of the front of the dome of fire, a bullet above the LED lights. The backbone of this unit without nature, but the center of the cavity to reduce the device that is the basis of the most ergonomic too. At the top, as mentioned, cut the corner on one side is placed a plate 510 in the center of the top of the panel instead of around the device, ie, 510 gold-plated and comes with a trip decent. I have a first purchase M VV (version Blue Ray) and I H VV II provides ergonomic advantages, I also found an almost perfect heavy, not too light, not too heavy, but quite subjective.

dovpo mvv Specifications and Features:

Size: 91mm x 53mm x 27mm
Material: PC + zinc alloy
Resistance: 0.08ohm – 3.5ohm
Operating voltage: 6.4V – 8.4V
Output voltage: 1.0V – 8.0V
Batteries: 2 x 18650 (not included)
Display: 3 LED indicator
Maximum power: 280W
New stylish aesthetic appearance and colorful designs
adjustable voltage range of 1 V to 8 V
Some protection for the safety of the vaporizer
drum magnetic closure for easy installation
Convenient Integrated USB Type C
Threads: 510
Color / Design: Hannya, Skull and Roses, Dragon Samurai

No battery

The side panels that need to eliminate double your shirt 18650 has a visible position on the side, also have “open” and the arrow on the metal backbone. Once outside, it is seen that the presence of a lover both up and down and the sections directly above the battery has a safety nonmetallic coating. The battery is connected to the backing strip to remove the battery is necessary because they are sitting in the compartment and orientation of new black on black disappointing. Also can be seen on the front panel of the battery when the panel is in place is a kind of USB C. During the test port to move the panels with or without the battery installed no movement, cracking work!

Operation II M VV

dovpo basium are potentiometers variable voltage device style that is very simple to use, but has to be given this honor because this type of device gives a certain strength.

This device is the usual 5 clicks to activate and deactivate the LED 5 clicks to actions confirmed by the green, red, yellow bike path. This device has an indication of the battery status is indicated by the color of the LED light when vaping, the state is as follows:
Green = 7.6V or above
Yellow = 7.0V and 7.6V Between
Red = 6.9V or below

If you recharge your batteries in the camera (do if it is the only option) LED indicator provides support following the same color and the percentage vaping, when the battery is fully charged, the indicator turns off.
To use the device that spins the wheel to adjust the voltage and the vaporizer. There are 5 main parameters in line with an agreement between them, you can also go between the brand and the micro-management of their just powers later. You can not see what is the right or the power to determine what output power is provided, the trick is to start slowly and gradually increase until the force desired voltage, spray the device feels rather than fixing adding charm this unit is equipped with all the usual safety protection obtained with any other device that is activated when a kick indicated by several flashing LED.


low-voltage protection
overheating protection
Reverse battery protection
short circuit protection
Protection of overtime

My experience using dovpo nickel

I really like the style of a variable and devices voltage potentiometer MVV II has an ergonomic USB and light type C, so I think it’s better the equivalent of the original device to 4 times the Tesla Invader as the best I’ve used.
You really have to start from the lowest position and crank slowly until the desired strength, you will be surprised how low you need quickly is reached. You need to get your nails arrows to adjust the brand and prefer Invader 4X because it is much easier to move to move quickly, but Dial M VV II was always very good and less Checklist of that potentiometer style most devices They use. I like shooting dome button, you can not lose and had a very satisfying click when the device fires promptly and instantly, I did not press complaints.
At the risk of repeating myself, you really start small force and gradually increasing until the evaporator is desired, the device offers a lot of energy and, personally, have never had to use the potentiometer strength to compose more than half and generally much lower. These are user settings for various modes of construction it allows the output power to several parameters, but only one output signal indicative including a maximum power 280W depending on the 18650 using the tension adjustment according and freshness.
I would like the weight on the side of unity and a sense of texture colorful design very durable, even if the indication of the battery status may have several levels that are well spaced and suitable for use.The device can hold up to 25 mm without false dovpo topside more will adapt well intentioned, but if you are looking for a device that can accommodate a large Atty this is not for you. Through the USB cable C type support including the load devices and to the final pro board it was very affordable.

How? ‘Or what

devices made with good
aesthetically pleasant
great weight
colorful textured finishes (panel)
Dial moves smoothly
Micromanagement of the output voltage to the desired strength
a powerful device
Direct fire road in an instant
dome button big shot
Very easy to use
The battery cover is very safe
band battery
The battery indicator
Battery life seems a little better than expected
level security protection
Credit cards accepted
Type C USB
Low price


VV only (obviously)
Black dial toward the black battery

I thank Cortana Healthcabin give DOVPO M VV MOD Box II for the purposes of this review.

You can buy here:dovpo