Exactly how Does a Bong Work?
A bong is among the ideal methods to consume cannabis whether you’re brand-new to it or a professional customer. Bongs and traditional pipes differ in one critical method: bongs give water filtering. Both gadgets hold the completely dry natural herb in a bowl, but that is where the similarities end. From there, the bong ends up being more intricate, with a number of functioning components. The dish itself is generally detachable, and the downstem produces a path in between the individual as well as the bong’s base.

The smoke travels this network after percolating in the water in the base, and also departures the bong via the mouth piece and/or carbohydrate hole, depending upon the customer. It is the water filtering system that really establishes the bong experience apart. The water filters and also cools down the smoke so it is less complicated on the throat as well as lungs. This implies you get an unequaled degree of comfort that enables a much more potent experience overall.

Modern bongs have actually advanced to feature percolators and also various other cutting edge innovation. These sort of bongs are designed specifically to stop those lung-searing breathes in that no one wants. Take a look at the variety of bongs to buy in our on-line head shop. This variety offers every cigarette smoker specifically the right bong. There is something we love about each one of these premium, budget friendly glass bongs as well as water pipes.

Why Use a Bong?
We have actually all been there: you take a wonderful, deep hit from your hand pipeline or joint, just to feel your throat burning. Hot smoke against the fragile mucosal membrane layer on the back of your throat does that, because the smoke doesn’t have time to cool before going right from the dish, which is essentially melting hot. Bongs and also water pipes filter smoke through water before the individual inhales it back up via the neck. By doing this, it cools down, unlike the direct, unfiltered hit from a dry pipe. This contact with water goes down the temperature of the smoke by 40 to 50 degrees instantly. Some bongs make use of percolators or diffused downstems to further force or diffuse the smoke with the water. The percolator openings damage the single, huge stream of smoke up right into numerous tiny bubbles. This cools the smoke even more many thanks to a lot more exposure to the water.

What Are the Main Components of a Bong?
Dish. Grind the dry natural herb for a good, also shed and also place it in the dish. Depending upon the bong or water pipe you make use of, you may desire or require to upgrade or change your dish, specifically for glass bowls. Joint. The link between the downstem as well as a bit nail, glass bowl, or bong. When you see joint gender or joint size on a dab gear, bong, or glass add-on, focus. That’s letting you know whether the item can produce an impermeable link with your existing tools. There are both male as well as women selections of popular joint dimensions, consisting of 10mm, 14mm, and also 18mm. Ensure what you’re buying is compatible. Keep in mind, you need to have the ability to place the dish right into the downstem joint, and also the downstem into the bong joint.


This long, glass tube guides smoke into the water chamber of the bong from the dish. Downstems can be detachable or dealt with, and a lot of diffuse the smoke in some style. Remember, there are compatibility concerns with downstems. Know how to measure your effectively in situation you ever require to replace it.

Water Chamber

This is merely where your bong holds its water.


This is the part of the bong where the cooled down smoke travels to the mouthpiece.

Ice Catcher

Some high-end bongs include ice catchers, glass divots that are both lovely and useful. By positioning ice into the catcher, you cool down your smoke even more for an extremely smooth hit.

Mouth piece

You inhale from the mouthpiece, and ideally you desire a closed seal. This is why choice is so essential, and we provide a range of different shapes and also designs for each face.

What Are the Types of Bongs?
Whether you’re a tekkie that wants the latest in recyclers or modular bongs or a traditional stoner that enjoys the classic beaker bongs, we’ve got all the information right below. There is a factor each of these classifications is still practically near the first when it involves bongs for sale, and we have some recommendations for each and every of these.

Classic Beaker Bongs
Cautious noobs and OGs alike like beaker bongs. The are among the most preferred bong design worldwide, and right here’s why. They are a lot more stable, many thanks to a large base that doesn’t overturn conveniently. They likewise hold much more water thanks to that vast base, which makes for enhanced percolation and the smoother, more delicious hits you anticipate.

Greater Standards Sturdy Beaker
A traditional design in difficult borosilicate glass. The 14.25″ dimension is suitable, and Higher Criteria is a trustworthy maker. We like this one as a durable standby. https://www.vapor.com/products/higher-standards-heavy-duty-beaker

Eyce Mini Beaker
This little silicone beaker integrates the timeless secure form of the beaker bong as well as the strong transportability of silicone. It’s just as inexpensive as you ‘d anticipate, too! It’s a little smaller sized at 7.25″ tall, but also for many users this is in fact a bonus. https://www.vapor.com/products/eyce-mini-beaker

Straight Tube Bongs
Although they are not actually rather as preferred as beaker bongs, straight tubes are still actually usual– particularly in the flicks as well as on television, somehow. Past that, though, straight tubes are simple to use and reliable, and also they work primarily the same way. (But be careful not to tip them over.).