The Caliburn Case System by Uwell is a new sheathing system by the business renowned mostly for their larger vape gadgets, i.e. storage tanks as well as box mods. The Cailburn is made to be ultra-portable and is shaped basically like a Juul or similar cig-a-likes, albeit with a large amount extra power as well as adaptability. As a compact husk system tool, the Caliburn features a two-piece setup with a 520mAh battery and also separate, disposable hulls with incorporated coils. As always, let’s look into the specifications on this gadget prior to tossing it over to the customers for their ideas.


Dimensions: 110 x 21.2 x 11.6 mm

Building And Construction: Light Weight Aluminum Alloy

Battery: 520mAh

Capacity: 2.0 mL.

Electrical Power Output: 11W.

Shuck Coils: 1.4 ohm.


Double Firing Options– Draw- or Button-Activation.

Pro-FOCS Flavor Technology.

Dual 3.5 mm Fill Ports.

Voltage-Based Result.


Draw My Mod.


  • Unbelievable draw-activation with immediate ramp-up.

  • Fees rapidly w/ passthrough capability.

  • Great, thick, & warm taste.

  • Pods last a long period of time.

  • Great build top quality and design.

  • Battery must last many people all day.


  • Not a specifically limited draw.

  • No law, i.e. output drops from 4V to 3.2 V over battery life, is visible.

  • Prone to spitback.

    Mike Vapes.


  • Nice & light-weight.

  • Durable battery.

  • Outstanding taste.

  • The hit & ramp-up is extraordinary.

  • Great MTL despite additional airflow.


  • Not a big fan of the top-fill system.

  • Prone to a bit of gurgling.

    Ryan Hall.


  • Draw/Button Activation Option.

  • Great taste.

  • Very similar to a Juul.

  • Unbelievable, powerful hit.


  • Little big, but not terribly so.

  • Medium build high quality.


    From MikeVapes swearing off various other shell systems to Ryan Hall confessing he likes this one in spite of his hardline anti-pod system stance, it’s noticeable we have actually obtained a champion here. This system was so popular, each customer had to dig deep and nit-pick in order to find anything to add to their “disadvantages” listing.

    There was truly no consensus on the con lists of each customer since, again, each reviewer was essentially excavating into their very own personal cache of pet peeves. For Mike, it was the top-fill system, for Suck My Mod it was primarily the looser airflow, and also for Ryan Hall it was the dimension. In each situation, however, the customer noted that their particular grievance was mainly an issue of individual preference and, in either case, not a substantial deal. Let’s relocate on to what they such as.

    Each customer discussed exactly how limited and also powerful the draw really felt, with an almost instantaneous ramp-up with its draw-activation system. The shucks and also coils were all commended for their flavor manufacturing, long life, and also MTL hit, while the battery was generally well-received due to its huge dimension.

    At the end of the day, each reviewer had to actually work to discover anything wrong with the Uwell Caliburn. From beginning to finish, this is the shuck system for people in the market for a sheathing system.

    Uwell is the business best understood for its larger vape tools, such as sub-ohm containers as well as box mods. The Uwell Caliburn is the initial sheath system by Uwell. The Caliburn is ultra-portable and compact, which is formed like a Juul or a cigar. It incorporates a 2ml e-liquid capacity shuck with a 520mAh integrated battery. The refillable shuck is pre-installed with a 1.4-ohm coil and also includes a leading filling up design. The coil inside the cartridge features a stainless steel wire in an identical build. The Caliburn has a twin shooting system, you can select in between draw-activation or hands-on shooting. It can fire up to 11W. The covering as well as the battery are connected by a magnetic connection. The body of the Uwell Caliburn Package is made from strong and light-weight light weight aluminum alloy with plastic elements. The micro USB port enables fast charging.

    Please make certain that you have fantastic expertise on all rechargeable batteries prior to you use them. Constantly charge batteries at the clean and fire-proof surface area. If you see that there are visible problems on the batteries, please do not use.

    The layout of the Uwell Crown Shell Package takes a lot of elements from the Uwell Crown IV set, with the victorian-esque pattern engraved into the black stripe down the center of the device, as well as the little crown on the shooting button. They produced a beautiful comparison in between the matte and glossiness of this device, all diminishing the centre to develop a smooth mix. The elevation of the Crown Shell Set with the shell in is actually concerning the very same elevation as simply the battery of the Uwell Caliburn, and being only 1.5 x as thick & wide, this set stays just as mobile as its previous model.

    I really think the best means to explain this device is if Uwell intended to make their own Smok Nord package, the mouth piece is about the very same form together with the silhouette, yet I locate this to be a whole lot much more comfortable in contrast.

    The filling system on the Uwell Crown Skin set is incredibly similar yet certainly updated from the Uwell Caliburn. I typically found the Caliburn husk cap to be a little bit complicated to get off yet I can push the cap off the Uwell Crown Covering a whole lot less complicated which I most definitely discover to be a huge and also.

    One layout moved straight from the Uwell Caliburn set, and that’s the dull micro-USB port at the end of the gadget, I never ever believed it would certainly occur so fast but I legally have extra USB-C cable televisions than mini so it ‘d be nice if they got with the times.


    Usually you’ll just see rotational air movement adjustments as the pods will take replacement coils, so its truly great and also practical to see a slider on an appropriate covering system. There’s additionally the straightforward feature of having both switch turned on and attract triggered shooting which you’ll find on both the Crown Capsule and the Caliburn shell packages. The last thing isn’t specifically an attribute, but most definitely an upgrade; the Uwell Crown sheathing kit actually features a 1250mAh battery contrasted to the Caliburn’s 520mAh, so you’ll certainly obtain outstanding battery life making use of that 1.0 Ω sheathing contrasted to the Caliburn!

    Coils/Pods Efficiency.

    0.6 Ω– This is the sheathing I was most curious about making use of from a freebase customer’s point of view, as the coil flaunts that it runs from 18-25W relying on battery life of the tool. I loaded it up with a 70VG e-juice, as well as it didn’t seem to have any troubles staying on par with wicking is really excellent, nevertheless I do believe the flavour result would be much better with a 50/50 VG/PG juice. It’s offers restricted lung hit with the air flow maxed out, I do want it was a touch much more airy at limit yet that’s not the function of a set like this. You still obtain a very rewarding hit, yet I do find it to be a little bit of a cooler vape contrasted to something like the Aegis Boost. That being stated, I wouldn’t advise high nicotine strengths in this case due to the fact that it’ll kick your butt!

    1.0 Ω– This coil is amazing if you’re a mouth to lung or salt nic vaper. Like the 0.6, it’s a really smooth draw however the rigidity of the air flow on a lower electrical power husk provides it a great cozy vape with great flavour. This is the most equivalent to the Caliburn, it’s definitely a much more rewarding hit than the initial Caliburn 1.4 Ω capsules, but I would certainly suggest that they are slightly better than the Uwell Koko pods that a great deal of individuals have been changing to!

    Caliburn or Crown? Last ideas.

    And currently with the testimonial concluding, it’s time for me to inform you whether or not the Uwell Crown Shell kit is the best gadget for you.

    And the response is of course– possibly. Below’s why.

    The Crown husk is a total superb kit, it has terrific battery life, sits in the hand well, it’s obtained power, as well as it looks truly nice. If you currently have the Caliburn, I would state that this is probably going to deserve the upgrade for you if you’ve been choosing a little bit more power and also of course having also better battery life! Maybe you like sub-ohm vaping however have actually been looking for a great little kit, then I would also recommend the Crown husk to you over the Caliburn.

    Both devices are really simple to understand and use, however a smoker switching to vaping will usually lean more to the slim pen kind of packages like the Uwell Caliburn, and having lower power sheaths will probably assist make that change to vaping a lot less complicated compared to utilizing the extra powerful coverings that come with the Uwell Crown shell set. Hey, don’t create this package off if you’re simply switching over to vaping, but if you prepare as well as are on making use of salt pure nicotine since all pod systems come with one totally free on our site, I would certainly recommend using the 1.0 Ω capsule as well as a pure nicotine degree of 25mg/mL or reduced!

    The Caliburn Shell System by Uwell is a new sheathing system by the business famous primarily for their bigger vape tools, i.e. containers and box mods. The elevation of the Crown Sheath Set with the sheathing in is really about the exact same elevation as simply the battery of the Uwell Caliburn, and being only 1.5 x as thick & vast, this kit remains just as portable as its previous iteration.

    I usually located the Caliburn case cap to be a bit difficult to get off however I can press the cap off the Uwell Crown Sheathing a whole lot less complicated which I absolutely locate to be a big and also. The last point isn’t precisely a function, yet absolutely an upgrade; the Uwell Crown shell kit really features a 1250mAh battery compared to the Caliburn’s 520mAh, so you’ll most definitely get remarkable battery life using that 1.0 Ω hull compared to the Caliburn!

    Both gadgets are really easy to understand and also utilize, yet a smoker changing to vaping will normally lean even more to the slender pen kind of packages like the Uwell Caliburn, and also having reduced power skins will possibly aid make that transition to vaping a whole lot much easier compared to utilizing the much more powerful shells that come with the Uwell Crown shuck kit.