Remember that all observations of the past when we called mods “up” and descriptions eliminate that “great?” – the words are no longer valid. Because there are not many mods Vape in my collection, even a huge sail Hadron Crave steam.

But as Yoda, you can not judge the vaporizer mod only in size, so let’s take a closer look at this double 21700, monster fed Yihi to see if performance depending on the size.

this hadrons steam box Mod 220W crave with the state of the art equipment vaping Yihi SX480 chipset, a versatile selection 18650 21700 or batteries, and can transmit a whopping 220W to pair with almost all tanks are available, or aromamizer repairable atomizer. Fact box zinc alloy vapor Mod droplets fall resistant frame Crave sustainable. However, the protection framework continues to advance Yihi SX490 functions hadron Box Chipset and MOD. Output up to 220W, Box Mod Hadron capture the potential dual battery configuration, which increases the power to impressive heights. In addition, steam can be used hadron Crave 21700 or 18650 battery with battery sleeve is included to keep this versatile mod box.

Steam Crave HADRON 220W Box Mod Features:

  • YiHi SX490 Chipset
  • Dimensions – 99.2mm by 48mm by 38mm
  • High-Amp 21700 ·Dual Batteries – Not Included
  • Optional 18650 Batteries – Included Battery sleeves
  • Wattage output range Max: 220W
  • ·Memory fashion
  • ·3 power levels – soft, normal, powerful
  • ·Zinc-alloy chassis construction
  • ·Intuitive firing button
  • ·Two Buttons Settings
  • ·OLED display
  • ·Mode button
  • ·MicroUSB Port
  • ·510 Log


  • 1 Steam Crave HADRON Box Mod
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 2 18650 Battery Sleeve
  • 1 User Manual


Well, we have formed a great hadrons. But that does not mean there is no certain charm discreet design. Large frame, large rectangular made of zinc alloy and classy two-tone and some jewelry. Besides a relatively small screen and slots on each side of the mod, hadrons are happy to be free of visual noise.

size really does work with several advantages. First, as atomizers are eclipsing the mark of 30 mm, a depth of 38 mm Hadron ensure all but the most important reservoirs remain without false ounce. Tell me SMOK TFV12 seemed a little overwhelmed in the hadrons, and we all know that the size of the tank.

Solid as a rock

It seems that hadrons prepared for further down the line. When a rock solid relationship Squonk pin 510 loan Inspection see me. And of course, the Internet has confirmed that the mounting plate Squonk possibility, the lid seal of the connection port on the back of the unit. Although we have a test, you will definitely want to see on the phone.

My only concern is that the view is really a relatively small grain of sand to the size of the framework of hadrons. I understand that Yihi chipsets tend to stick with a smaller screen, but can not be an exception for a great mod? The screen itself is very good, and the menu system is evident Yihi, which is as accurate as ever and strong. But I know that annoys some users who like a little more symmetry in their mods.

Vaping hadrons steam crave

Double capacity of 21,700 and 220 watts output, is likely to agree that hadrons are designed for power. And you would be well. But again, this is Yihi device, so that a smooth, constant power is only part of the equation. Unlike most critics, I spent much time mode temperature control to test how the mod remain locked in temperature and resistance.

I am pleased to announce that works perfectly, and climate control hardliners (especially those who have not experienced Yihi chipset) will be satisfied with this camera. Perhaps SX490 – personal advice is modeled at 480 – Not the most chipsets in its arsenal, but it’s a proven winner.

(We also need to remind people about how these sets of low-power chips. A pair me 21700s through most of the workday, even if I make adjustments constant, vaping at high power enough, and experience with the system throughout the day).

Temporal ruler and trendy, that hadrons is one of my mods using the home fire fastest thin, with short keystrokes resulting in great clouds of steam. If there is concern is that this could be a bit stronger, with a “normal” interesting environment feel “strong” settings in countless other mods Vape.

Methods in Crave hadrons

I also liked how hadrons have a serial mode, allowing a wider range vapers into action. beginner mode will be more than enough for most Vapers today, but those who want to maximize the potential of the chipset will be more comfortable in order to sophisticated, allowing levels of customization are almost endless.

The only concern of most people probably hadrons is size. While I understand the use of a larger cell for better battery performance, hadron is a mod for comfortable bears for a while.

My hands around a little style to the device in general and keyboard triggers uncomfortable shot facing forward. Transition to the thumb grip is better, but is forced my hand to cover the screen while doing so. In short, if desired on one hand, it can be difficult.

Despite these personal recriminations, which Hadron fried well, and certainly made good use of technology under the hood.


  • Proven, chipset efficient ultra Yihi
  • Beautiful, painting and finishing earthy
  • performance with 21,700 cells
  • Great battery


  • Size
  • Small screen


What can we say “WOW! “Crave steam Hadron may not be for everyone, but those who have a great (and the cost of the eye of the funds) enjoyed a ridiculously high performance and power. Yes, the screen is quite small, and the hand feels a bit “off”, but this is a small price to pay when so many others are perfect. Yihi custom chipset is the culmination of a series of impressive value every penny of the sale price.