aegis boost

The aegis boost was designed as a revolutionary vaping device to produce customized cloud-based vaporizer experience. It utilizes a patented lithium ion rechargeable battery for its operation and power supply. The Aegis Boost is actually powered by a powerful built-in 15-mm dual pod battery and provides the use of both pods and standard RTA drip tips. The Aegis Boost comes with a preloaded silicone plug cap and a three-position adjustable airflow valve for an easy, customized airflow experience.

The new geekvape aegis boost has a unique and extremely convenient side-fill method. This new method makes this vaporizer very unique because it allows you to control how much liquid is produced and stored by the heating element, making it much more efficient. The increase in efficiency results in a noticeably higher output power that will satisfy any paper’s demands. This is also a great benefit when trying to compare different products, because the increased output power will allow you to make more flavors.

In addition to the new and innovative side-fill design, the AEGIS Boost utilizes a variable airflow dial for added functionality. This dial allows you to adjust the air flow at different times during the vaporizing process, which is a great advantage when making customized vapor blends. This flexibility allows you to make your own personal blend with the exact amount of vapor, flavor and consistency you want. The variable airflow dial also allows you to maintain a constant airflow pressure regardless of what your particular blend may be like, allowing you to keep your output consistent no matter what.

The AEGIS Boost features a unique cooling fan system called the Axial Flow Technology, which is comprised of an aluminum heat sink that sits behind the heating element. This cooling system draws very cold air from the processor and utilizes it to transfer that heat to the outer casing of the AEGis Boost. This is the reason why the AEGis Boost comes with a 1500mah battery, which is large enough to give you plenty of vapor and powerful heat for even the highest performance vapers.

The AEGIS Boost utilizes a standard airbox that features a one-piece construction, but it does have a few unique features that set it apart from other mods. The most notable of these features is the presence of a standard dual-ended electronic airflow system with a.6 ohms rated. The dual-ended airflow system offers a variety of variable voltage options, ranging between six or eight volts, depending on what your needs may be.

One of the most popular benefits offered by the AEGIS Boost, as well as many other popular AEGIS mods, are the built quality. The outer shell is made of a sturdy, durable metal, and has a full Q-tip cover with stainless steel knobs. The outer cover also features a rubberized interior to help prevent the box mods from becoming damaged during prolonged use. In addition to the standard rubberized interior, the box mod also has four adjustment buttons located conveniently on the side of the box, which allow the user to adjust airflow through the AEGis Boost, adjust the temperature of the airflow, and lock or unlock the airflow.

There are a few additional features on the AEGIS Boost, including a backlit keys pad, a solid rubber grip, a metal trigger, and an adjustable airflow control ring. One of the most unique features of the AEGIS Boost, however, is its temperature control ring. The temperature control ring allows the Vaping enthusiast to adjust the temperature of the airflow without changing their mechanical modulator. By simply rotating the ring, the paper gets a precise combination of vapor compression and air flow, making for a consistent high-quality smoking experience. The AEGIS Boost even includes a charger, which makes it very convenient for all vapers.

For the novice vaper, it is important to note that the AEGIS Boost includes a replaceable air box. This is because the outer case of the AEGIS Boost can be quickly inserted and removed in order to change airflow and replace a burnt-out coil. The AEGIS Boost comes standard with a black colored A/C Mini Refrigerator with a black lid, but this lid can easily be changed with the use of a simple screw. One great feature of the AEGIS Boost, besides the changeable top airflow ring, is the large Adjustable Backlit Keys Pad, which enables the user to change their key bindings easily.