So you are wondering how to turn on a smok vape. Well, I have the answer for you. All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you will be all set. You might want to read this article as it will help you get your smok ready.

The first step on how to turn on a Smok Vaporizer is to remove the battery from the device. To do this, simply unplug the device from the wall. If you are using the USB port, first plug it into a USB port and then turn the power off. The reason you want to do this is so that you do not risk burning your mouth on the heating element.

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After you have done that, you should remove the power connection from the power source. This is normally located on the bottom of the unit. You can use a screwdriver or something flat to tap off the valve. When you have done that, you can disconnect the valve assembly from the machine. Now you can remove the valve cap and the hose that is connected to the assembly with the help of a screw driver or something flat.

Next step on how to turn on a smok vape is to turn on the power and after that, connect the battery. Once you have done so, you should light it up and place the glass base on top of the heater element. If the instructions of your unit tell you to do this, then do it. Otherwise, you will need to preheat the coil in order to get it ready for the airflow you will be putting into it.

The third step on how to turn on a smok vape is to pre-heat the coil. For that, you will need to get a glass jar with a small opening and place some cotton inside it. Place the pre-heated oil in the jar and cover it with the cotton. When you have done that, you can place the lid on the jar and gently heat it up. When the temperature of the cotton is ready, you can place the lid on your vapes and turn on the power to it. When the screen starts to turn, you are all set to enjoy your smoothies in a matter of seconds.

The fourth step on how to turn on a smok vape is to insert the pre-heated coil into the hole on the bottom of the unit. You will need to use needle nose pliers to do this. Once you have inserted the coil, turn the power on to it and watch as the vape starts heating up. It may take a few moments but you will see the device start heating up. If you feel that it is getting too hot, you can remove it or change the temperature with the temperature gauge at the bottom of the device.

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Fifth step on how to turn on a Smok Vape is to remove the needle from the mouthpiece. Then you can place the needle into the pre-heated area on the device’s body and then start turning the power on to it. Once you feel that the device is heated up, you can take the needle out. The device should already be at the level of the mouthpiece so you can just place the mouthpiece back on.

By following these simple steps, you will surely have everything you need on how to turn on a smok vape. Remember to be careful when changing batteries. You do not want to burn yourself with a battery! Also, when you are done testing the product, be sure to leave it out for a while before storing in your room temperature. Have a nice day!