If you have a vaporizer then you know how to clean it but did you know how to clean your Smok Coil? I thought so! There are some ways that you can do this. This is important for two reasons, one to protect your vaporizer and the other to improve your vaporizer. It really depends on what you want to use your Smok for.

When cleaning your coil you need to make sure you take it off first. Many times people will go ahead and put their Smok Coil into the microwave to clean it. This will be a big mistake. You should never put your coil into the microwave, unless you are using a ceramic coil cleaner.

The reason why you shouldn’t put your coil in the microwave is because microwave cooks everything including metals. Your smok coil will be cooked to death and there is simply no return of the original flavor. You also run the risk of burning out the valve which will cause your device to malfunction. So in order to clean your smok coil you need to remove it from the heat and place it on a towel or cooler to cool off.

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Once you have the coil cooled off place it in your microwaveable dishwasher to clean it. Make sure that you place the coil on its side to keep the metal from sticking to each other. Once you have placed the coil in the dishwasher you need to agitate the water with a toothbrush to loosen up any particles stuck in the coil. Once the water is filtered properly you can rinse the coil with hot water.

Now that you have your coil clean you need to prepare the room you are going to use your Vape. Make sure that all surfaces are completely dry before you attach the coil to the tank. Once you have completed your preparation you can then attach the coil to the tank. If you do not know how to do this simply place a sheet of plastic over the entire tank and wrap the coil around it. Then you can place the tank over the coil and fill the vessel with hot tap water.

Once you have placed the coil over the tank, you need to secure it by using plastic. Do this by using masking tape and wrap it around the entire coil until it is snugly in place. You need to make sure that the tape is secured to the coil as the tape will catch any spillage that happens while you are filling the tank. Once you have done this you can slowly add the distilled water to the smok vessel until you have completely saturated it.

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The last step in learning how to clean smok coils is to gently shake the tank to mix the oil and get any oil or vapor to escape. Shake the tank until all of the oil in the coil has been loosened. You will also want to run a brush across the coils to remove any excess debris from the coil.

The last step in learning how to clean smok coils is to wait a day or two and let the coil dry in the room it was in. You should allow the coil to air dry thoroughly before you put it away. You may have to do this several times. Once the oil has dried, you will be able to use it again. If you keep up with the cleaning process you will have no problems with your smoker.