Vapeciga yocan uni is an aerosol with a patented adjustable magnetic compatibility thread 510 atomizer. In fact, the Union was built to accommodate almost all syringes on the market today, not including atomizers designed for the specific unit. This vaporizer is sleek and compact output ideal for mobile use.

Both beginners and experts will find value in the Union for Yocan easier to work with in terms of atomizers – there are few limits to what correspond to this mod. Besides being universally compatible, the Union includes all normal functions expected by major brands now Spray – watt adjustable pre-set, the speed of the beam preheating and window ensures that the oil level never exhausted. Not to mention the fact that the Union also works with dried herbs and candles and cartridge. Virtually everything about this vaporizer is a win-win.

The kit Yocan Union
Kit Yocan Union is fairly standard and is equipped with all components normally expected of this type of mod. In addition to the device itself, the kit includes a USB charging cable, the magnetic ring 510 (for 510 atomizers child), and a user manual. In stock NY Our vaporizer also it offers additional components such as kit and candles if oil atomizers dried herbs vaping is not what they want to do.

While it may be simple in design,vapeciga yocan uni came shod with several features that distinguish it from the rest. In particular, the European Union is adjustable in height and diameter to ensure that slider 510 sprayers are readily fit wire. No more worrying about if your preferred atomiser suit your newly acquired mod. Union is supported by a powerful 650mAh battery with three different preset (Union does not give the user full control over watt).When Yocan Union a special feature in the stands of the others think, this mod is really universal. Union has been designed to meet virtually any atomizer 510-thread regardless of size. A fact that is frustrating aerosols is that sometimes can be adapted to the model, even if it is 510 compatible wireless. This Union Yocan eliminates these headaches by building an aerosol that can be adapted specifically to meet their specifications atomizer. This is achieved by a magnetic ring 510 and slide the fitting diameter / height of this Yocan. Do atomizer is too high? Just use the height adjustment of the cursor. Too big? There is a slider for that too. These features make this model stand out among many more modifications on the market today. We should also mention that this mod is very affordable so it is less intimidating for new users who may be reluctant to buy a more expensive piece of equipment.

The best way for the EU to show superiority is compared with two other freezer yocan uni show new, Beehive 2.0 and Stix. First, the Beehive 2.0 is the closest thing to union with the form mod box, presetting wattage and portability in general. However, the similarity ends there of, and hive 2.0 is designed specifically for the Union and vape liquid wax and is capable of vaping dried herbs, oils and waxes, but not the liquid e

This article can be influenced to buy their own Union Yocan and had just arrived at her door. Now what? Fortunately, with the help of the Union it is very simple and has little influence on the part of the user. To begin, drag the drive ring magnetic 510 -This is required to install the atomizer. Then you’ll want to drag the atomiser mod. If it is too high or off using the sliders to find the perfect model.

Once we have the atomizer is installed and the unit is filled with candles / oil or dry herbal, a simple click on the button two at once to start the preheating process. It takes about 10 seconds. Merely set Watts power button pre ss three times to move settings.The different light reflected power watts – high intensity lamps three equals the same when only low power lamps. watts of the means indicated by two lamps

With all the power and good to go now time to yocan uni click in. Press the shutter button and breathe slowly at a constant level ,. Turn off the device as -rapidly to press the power button twice.

In most of these vaporizers today, the Union Yocan using a standard USB charging cable that plugs into a port on the side mod. An interesting feature of the EU is that you can charge while standing to prevent oil leaks or other problems. It is advisable to completely drain and recharge the battery between adjustments to ensure 650mAh battery longevity.

the last words of the vaporizer Yocan Arabic
The spray Union Yocan is the definition of comfort and simplicity for users Vape universal compatibility and easy to use design. This vaporizer was designed to meet the needs of different users. Oil can Vape, dried herbs and candles easily when the Union is used. We can not ignore the fact that the Union at affordable prices accessible to all users. It is safe to say that we are great fans of this mod here in New York Vape Shop.

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