Artery Pal Pro 2 is under consideration today, collaboration between brands and Tony B Vapor Trail channel.I have to say, this little guy is a mod pod with a difference! watt adjustable, massive head rolls … flavor and replaced all the things you expect to see in a compact!
I built a small Pal blood collection, after reviewing the original Pal arteries, the arteries and Pal II recently artery key Pal.
While the brand has a certain extent sub-ohm fried usual, they really specialize riquiqui, compact and fried garlic.
Let me tell you what I think of this little guy.

In The Box

  • Module Battery
  • Cartridge
  • Pre installed HP 1.0 Ohm coil head for 9-13W
  • Additional 0.6 Ohm coil heads HP net 15-22W
  • cable USB
  • silicone plug Extra
  • 2 ring O
  • manual User
  • Warranty map


  • Available carbon fiber, bronze, diamond, rainbow monster team dazzled black diamonds
  • Drop by drop fell sophisticated Removable
  • 83mm x 43mm x 19mm
  • integrated, rechargeable battery 1000mAh
  • fresh USB
  • Release 5-22W Adjustable
  • 0.5 resistance 2 ohms
  • life battery indicator LED
  • Compatible with pods Pal II
  • side panels Magnetic
  • filling pod Side
  • Adjustable the airflow
  • protection Short
  • protection Temp

Design and Build Quality

Just before Pal blood 2 raw list more pro features than the original Pal, it is much more compact. Although still in the form of a credit card with a thickness of 19mm, it is now much smaller than a credit card.
It is, in fact, the same height and length as the Pal II, but a few millimeters thick.
Which is good, considering the characteristics of the display and adjustment.
Zinc alloy box has a matte finish, scratch resistant, with decorative panels, and other, one of which is removable.
There is a selection of color choices, I have beautiful colorful swirls and apparently quite scratch resistant.
a little closer to the side of the funnel has a dual air intake just below the Pro Pal2I above.
At the underside of a small hole to be below the reset hole and a micro-USB port for charging.

The Side Panels

The color panel house dismantled shooting button, located on the top left corner. It is rectangular, approximately 1 cm square, and clicky fire very quickly.
removable panel shows the characteristics of the same size and shape, reflecting the firing button. This is not a button, but a small viewing window through which the coil can be seen on the cartridge.
I felt a little weird, because it’s really just a hole in the panel, no glass or screen, it seems that something is missing.
It is not very easy to read in detail the level of my juices with this window.

Display and control
The panel is secured by two powerful magnets, visible in the panel, as you lift.
Also visible when the panel to remove two impressive new features.
A small OLED screen placed on the right side of the battery, how much battery appears, pictorially and resilience and strength.
If you believe, it has adjustable power pod … biased by two small triangle button, which is located just below the screen.
However, the power is the maximum amount by the coil is installed. chipset will recognize that the coil is inserted and the following limited:

  • 0Ohm Coil – Max Output 13.5W
  • 6Ohm Coil – Max Output 22W

The screen and the buttons are placed on a rectangle in the background, so that keeps the space.

At the top of the battery, we see transparent plastic, shovel, which slides in and out over the side of the bulge, in the form of a funnel.
The tip comprises stainless steel ring base, which occupies the major part of the height and the remainder is dropwise delrin tip removed, miniature. SS rings provide infusion rather chic and sophisticated small but cozy.
Completing Arter Pal 2 Pod Pro
On the side of the cartridge container is a silicone plug, which can be opened on one side for easy filling.
the cartridge body should not be issued.
What distinguishes this cartridge in spite of the fact that (as Pal II) Coil head is replaced.

How To Replace The Coil

  • Remove the car mod
  • Grip ring airflow and unscrew
  • Once removed from the nacelle coil unscrew the base of the air flow
  • Place new spool into the base of the air flow and the screw back into the container
  • Important – After filling permission to sit for 10 minutes to allow the coil to absorb your e-liquid.

Air flow
The airflow, as seen above, is on the bottom of the car. You must open the rear cover to change the air flow, but when you have your preferred setting you do not need to mess with it again.
I make the mistake of screwing my base slightly tilting reel and lose about three tanks juice before I realized my mistake … so watch out for that!

How Pal Artery 2 Pro Perform?

Using both low power and higher power coil options are included, I knew better flavor and greater production clouds I’ve experienced before on a pod mod.
This module is ideal for thugs who need a nacelle and MTL DL restricted with the enormous soul with which do their thing … it is very impressive.
The range of air flow is perfect for anything from half to a very limited MTL DL and perfectly balanced for small coils included. I found the airflow, even very limited in terms of fluidity.
The adjustable power function is a pleasure on the boat, especially when vaping nic stronger salts.

You will be very surprised by the production of taste and steam here.
I find that the superior forces of the head 1.0Ohm coil, which is 13.5 watts, I’m really too much action for my juice strongest. Thus, it is very convenient to be able to reduce my power.
I also liked the fact that the peak power at the upper limit of the reels that have been installed … in order not to risk the professional exhaustion, as long as you stay wet coil.
It really is like a mod pod on steroids … I must say I am very impressed.
After screwing my reel base correctly, leak completely stopped and has been clean since vaping.

1.0 Ohm 9-13W HP Coil
I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is the best reel of this size have never vaped … thick, rich, slightly hot steam, with a full and satisfying the flavor profile.
If you use this unit as a stealth vape, check and modify the strength of 9.
There steam coil 13W head are hidden production.
It is interesting to note that, while I vaped is right on the stick coil arteries and enjoyed his performance in large part to this unit.

15-22W 0.6Ohm HP Coil
Another absolute beast head Teeny tiny winding.
I could feel all the nuances of flavor in my vape juice and excellent production of steam at the top of the coil head-end, compared to others, it is a little less than 13W.
I found this head vaping coil 22W, providing a satisfaction vape battery drains too fast for my taste.

Battery life
Load nice and fast, less than an hour … and you can expect to get 5 hours of vaping 13W, with this value decreases if your power.


  • Extremely compact and easy to use
  • power Adjustable
  • winding heads Replaceable
  • Perfect for MTL and restricted DL
  • flavor Phenomenal
  • steam production Phenomenal
  • Smooth adjustable airflow
  • Artery Pal 2 pod work in Pro


  • Fast battery drain at a higher wattage
  • Viewing window unnecessary and a bit of an eyesore

End Review Verdict

There were very few mods pods with the ability to respond to a sub-ohm Vaper for a long period.
Usually they will have something of the withdrawal of the cloud and the taste, when it was forced to use the boat only for a few hours.
However, the production of steam and flavor Artery Pal 2 Pro, so great that I had no problem leaving my tank sub-ohm behind and just jumped in my pocket before leaving.
A pod of practical, high-performance which really ticked all the boxes, I recommend this pod for beginners and experienced vapers.
Do you buy Pal 2 Pro Arteries? Let us know what you think in the comments below!