The OBS Cube kit of the brand cling mainly with atomizers good.
The engine 2 CAB praises sung high and low.
Now OBS started adding to a growing range of mods in their stable.
What can we expect from OBS Cube?
The Cube OBS is an autonomous model with an internal 3000mAh battery. Little digging showed that the battery was 23600, I do not know anyone.
Available in black, chrome and bronze. We loved the look and chunkiness male, perhaps these words describe me well. Cube tank comes with M1 OBS mesh coil.
I am aware of the coil as it comes with the Draco kit that I reviewed earlier this year. I loved it then, do I still love now? Let’s find out.
Disclaimer: I received a OBS Cube kit for the purposes of this review. All reviews based on my own experience and testing.

  • 1 x Cube Kit
  • 1 x Spare glass tube
  • 1 x USB cable
  • Spare O-rings
  • 1 x M6 OCC coil
  • 1 x M1 Mesh Coil
  • 1 x User manual

Features and Specifications

  • Cube Mod
  • Size: 81.5 x 30.6 x 30.6mm
  • Weight: 152g
  • Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Resistance Range: 0.1 – 2.3 ohms
  • Wattage Range: < = 80w
  • Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
  • Continuous firing time: 10s
  • 510 connection: Spring loaded, gold plated 510 pin
  • Cube Tank
  • Size: 25.5 x 47mm
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • M1 Mesh Coil Resistance: 0.2ohms (50-80w, best at 65-75w)
  • OCC Coil Resistance: 0.3ohms (30-80w, best at 35-70w)
  • Filling method: Removable top fill
  • Drip tip: 810
  • Capacity: 4ml (stated on OBS website)
  • Threading: Gold plated, non-adjustable 510 pin
  • Available colours: Chrome | Black | Gunmetal

Design and Build Quality

Cube Mod

The look of the OBS Cube mod is superb. It has a rugged look and a quality feel to it.

I received the chrome version that had a brushed stainless steel. The superposition of the two sides is plastic, but with a grain, which adds luxury. The third side, we see the cube logo surrounded by a concertina retail cushioned. The fourth side is home to the screen.
To me it appeared small, taking about half of the total space on the side. Increasing the size of the screen would have added to the stocky appearance together.


Five clicks fire oversized button and we left, almost. Fire button steep and quite sensitive, requiring a slow and accurate pressing the power on and off. At the outbreak of the mod’s interesting, very short jet on the button, but still need a bit of pressure.
There is a neat little way to change your power. Conversely pressing the button combinations, Cube works by pressing the + or – button 3 times in rapid succession. Not only is this convenient and easy, but it helps prevent accidental change of power in watts.
I was surprised to find that there was no menu to adjust the settings of the Cube. But it was a surprise quickly turned into joy. This is a mod for the pure in me. People who just want to put the power and vape. Ok, so the battery will not last me too long vaping up to 75W, but what (get).


USB charging port is set to change the front, below the screen. Although there is no real problem being there, I do not like is that almost no USB connector into the port. I’m certainly not safe with that and do not have it like how easily slip out.
Also, I get a little tired of open load port on mods. Whether high-end or budget, the port opening is the cost of magnetic fiber. The Cube kit is no different, so just be careful not to block the USB port.

Hand Feel

The Cube has a feel very secure in the hand. It’s not small, but it is compact. hand carefully width settings and because of its size all the buttons are easy to reach as you hold the center of your palm.
The 3 buttons have a grain for comfort. I found myself using more in the pub than anywhere else, knowing he will not be removed from my hand while pushing the bar.


The tank continues on the theme of chunky mod. This reasonably high above the mod and the footprint is slightly smaller than the top model, which leaves a slight lip.
The drip drip Advanced owns all kinds. There is a connection 810 with an O-ring in the tank cover to secure it. The drip edge narrows along its length providing a very comfortable mouth position. The drip advanced my dead rabbit GDR was in shape, but because of the large upper left lip of the tank I found it less comfortable than the one provided.
Knurling on the top hat reminds me that on the tank Draco I have already reviewed. And fill method is the same – high filling.
reservoir 4 ml glass provides a clear view of the coil and large fines wicking holes on the reel.

Control of the air flow is at the base of the vessel where CUBE also engraved on a side letters capitalized. AFC ring has enough strength that it does not move at the last pockets but easy enough that lack of knurling frustrates me soon.


The upper part of the capsule by a quarter turn completely removable to facilitate filling through two large holes and has a ring-shaped seal kidney / gasket incorporated in a plug to help prevent leakage.


Fixed coil down the chimney, providing long-barreled right flavor to condense and I found the production of steam and the taste is really good with different types of e-liquid.
E-i liquids used both 70:30 report VG / PG. I use Super Manchee and Barbe vape 3.2, both of superior taste.
Change coils easily by unscrewing the base, allowing the rapid change and regroup. Although, make sure you thoroughly check out the thread spool properly, or you might end up swimming in the e-liquid, like I do.
Cube tank downward air flow. There are two large holes that are easily adjustable and has a good stop fully open and fully closed. Lack knurling in the AFC is a small niggle at me as the bottom of the tank tends to be a bit slippery.

How Does The OBS Cube Kit Perform?


The Cube mod is a beautiful simplicity. I loved the lines and comfortable shapes. The draw is strong enough that I really felt I was aiming struck 70W. The road almost instantly, making it a mod is very pleasant to use.

it demands very quickly. I plugged Cube and see a bar at 4 changes the display in less than one hour. Last measurement takes one hour stop blinking, but also in 3 hours OBS states on their website.
Ease of use
I am using the Cube every day for 2 weeks. Most of the time in the car and in the pub and I can not find or inadequate anyway. It is compact in accordance quite perfect in the pocket of my jeans, and wise enough when you use it to get a handle on it.
Battery life
batteries have a good day before I would let it run at night the car and when I came back the next day and continue to give. This kit will definitely have a place in my cup holder for a long time.
I must admit I really enjoy using this tank. 4ml capacity will likely decline 2ml compliance PDT and I find that none of the coil is too thirsty provided in the e liquid.

The draw was nice and punchy. I first started using the Cube kit 55W to 70W but quickly struck and remained there for the remainder of the trial. The flavor was clean and pure and never I get a blow dry. The axis of this coil is a genius.
Over the filler cap is easily removed. Although, as just dropped, I discovered that the charge on the road it was a bit embarrassing and I dropped time in a top hat and wear a hat on a sliding function better.
Now for the downside.
After dismantling the tank for photography, I reassembled it, filled and allowed to wick for a long time. When I returned, I found a pool of e-liquid in the bottom of my mod and nothing in the tank.
Now, it could have been me not Threading spool correctly and although I did not leak the tank is full again, there is some infiltration of fluid on the model at any time. No rest for me, but something I constantly vigilant to use.

M1 Mesh Coil – 0.2ohm – Brand Recommended Output (30-80W, best at 35-70W)

M1 large nets coil. It has four feeding holes wide triangular juice and I find that I have never had a snap. steam production was good with a looseness that I liked.
The taste was even better.
It was a good lap and it worked great with 70VG: 30pg liquid ratio. I tried the fruit flavors and cakes and find that it works best with fruit. With every day, but not constant use coils easily lasts two weeks and the only reason I changed was I had to try the OCC coil for this review.

OCC Coil – 0.3ohm Brand Recommended Output (30-80W, best at 35-70W)

The OCC coil is parallel double helix coil. Juice inlet is 4 columns of 3 holes are relatively large, giving the usual juices flowing. I have 3 tank through this coil and still do not have a blow dry.

I found the steam generation becomes denser with this coil and although the flavor was good, it does not stack up against the mesh coil M1. Again, I tried fruit and pastries, and found that to taste the fruit is the best of both with this coil.
air flow clean and unobstructed. There was a lot of noise when it is fully open and even close to a quarter of the AFC off not much effect. Closing the air flowing down almost all the way which enables a very limited edition, but I do not think it can compete with the mouth dedicated to vape tank Lung (MTL).
direct access to the other lung is easy and I have to satisfy exciting every time.

  • looks  Gorgeous
  • battery life  Long
  • draw  Comfortable
  • Pocket friendly design

The inconvenients

  • Cape  Top would be better as a slider
  • Watch leak!

Final verdict
This is a huge step up from the standard mod pen. Appearance and form a more mature and have felt very comfortable in the hand. GOB speed hikes hit me and left me keep going back for more every day to come.
If you need a simple mod, you can just pick up and go with so I suggest you seriously consider Cube BSN.